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Jeremiah Leif Putman

   Jeremiah Leif Putman is an internationally renowned voice actor and writer, having contributed his words both on paper and through a microphone, to audiences all over the world in an amazing array of projects.

   He has spent most of his life developing and refining characters and voices just for the sheer enjoyment of it. It has always helped him deliver his comedic 

take on life with a little more flavor.

   Jeremiah has had the pleasure to work with Brands like Harley Davidson, Ford, Spyder Tools, Mutual of Omaha, Henry Doorly Zoo, Heavy Metal Magazine, Killer Comics, Poley Mountain, Olympus and many, many more. He has been the teaser voice for countless video games, NFT projects and been featured in film festivals, local and national ad campaigns on TV and Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and others. He has worked with many small businesses to help build their brand with authority and confidence.

   Jeremiah has also acted in theater, and loves the performing arts in general.  He is husband to the World's Best Wife and father to 4 AMAZING children.

Photo Credit: Dawn Sparks Photography

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