Jeremiah Leif Putman

Jeremiah is first and foremost a lover of all persons. He has spent most of his life developing and refining characters and voices just for the sheer enjoyment of it. It has always helped him deliver his comedic 

take on life with a little more flavor.

  A Building Contractor in Castle Rock, Colorado by trade, Jeremiah has worked in some of the most amazing homes in the state over the last 23 years, and met some very notable figures along the way. This has helped keep him humble and grateful, knowing that every experience is a learning opportunity. 

   In 2018, Jeremiah decided to listen to all those that encouraged him to pursue his passion, and started a career in voice acting. He already knew that construction is the kind of work that makes a guy keel young, and this was his way out. He once again found himself humbled and grateful for the opportunities and connections he has come across along the way.

   Jeremiah has also acted in theater, and loves the performing arts in general.  He is husband to the World's Best Wife and father to 4 AMAZING children.

Photo Credit: Dawn Sparks Photography